FUTABA Art District

“After the landing of passion – Futaba Town regeneration art project change thank you”
Good morning🌞
The day before I went to Futaba-cho, I jumped on the train until morning🚃 and on the train to Futaba from Iwaki Station, Mr. Akasawa happened to sit across the street and it was a miracle from the morning! It is Takasaki who thought that it was inevitable and the drunkenness cooled down.
In fact, I went to Futaba on October 22 with the Overalls to make a meeting to make this mural.
“Where do you draw the murals?” 』
I asked for permission from the building owned by Yokoyama-san’s family and asked for the meeting, and they said, “It’s okay to draw the walls of that house!” I got permission,” Yokoyama casually told us. At first, I was refused, but Yokoyama-san seems to have been negotiating for a long time😭 (Yokoyama-san is too cool)
Mr. Akasawa was called.
I arrived in Futaba-cho later than the scheduled meeting time to meet Yokoyama-san (I’m sorry Yokoyama-san 🙇🏻)
Mr. Akasawa said, “Let’s ⛽️ gas at President Yoshida’s gas station.”
Before President Yoshida went to the meeting, I couldn’t see him unless it was this time (great!). Mr. Akasawa)
We heard from President Yoshida about the resurgence of “Penguin,” a McDonald’s 👂
(Penguin’s aunt is our (Futaba-cho) famous aunt’s shop that everyone takes care of when we were boys)
“The Appearance of a Junior Naoto”
I really need friends to do this project with me, but since I was 10 years old, I don’t have many friends I know, so my friend Naoto has come to help me with great care for a long time! He has a lot of work to do, such as painting cars, and his face is widely 😭 (Thank you Naoto🙏)
“Everything is connected”
Yokoyama-san secures the location of the new wall→ Meet President Yoshida in one word of Mr. Akasawa and get various useful information such as the story of penguins →Nachina Naoto appeared→ become a story of penguins→ I and naoto excited→ Akasawa-san is it! →→ Yamamoto-san unanimously decides the content of the mural to the penguin’s aunt → the content of another mural→ the next wall is high and needs a high-level work car→ Naoto has a high-place work car😳→ and there is no o